1 Thieves Kitchen-Genius Loci-The Clockwork Universe grabbed #1 in 2015. Repeat!
2 Opeth-In Cauda Venenum-No growling, no less power. Best since Ghost Reveries.
3 The Worm Ouroboros-Endless Way From You-Released Dec 26, too good to wait a year. From Belarus.
4 Asturias-Trinity-If it's Asturias and it's electric, it's top 10.
5 Minimum Vital-Air Caravan'-Not as good as Pavanes, and still number 5.
6 Shob-Solide-Shob is one bad man.
7 Antoine Fafard-Borromean Odyssey-Husband, Sucherman, and Fafard. Best trio out there.
8 Hasse Froberg & Musical Companion-Parallel Life-The most solid band in prog keeps raising the bar.
9 Time Shift Accident-Chronosthesia-Was hard to rate this so "low". Fusion greatness.
10 IQ-Resistance-Road of Bones was #1 in '14, another powerful double CD.
11 Ed Wynne-Shimmer Into Nature-No dropoff as the Ozrics leader steps out.
12 Frank Wyatt & Friends-Zeitgeist-Frank put his heart into this one, with awesome guests.
13 Morglbl-The Story Of Scott Rotti-Return to form for the Frenchmen, a real corker.
14 The Claypool Lennon Delirium-South Of Reality-Sean Lennon steps out of Les' large shadow.
15 Magic Pie-Fragments Of The 5th Element-Everything they put out is high quality. Tight record.
16 Thank You Scientist-Terraformer-I've put aside my aversion to the vocals, it's too good.
17 The Aristocrats-You Know What-Rarely do three musicians so talented blend so seamlessly.
18 Izz-Don't Panic-Has Izz put out a poor record?
19 Flying Colors-Third Degree-The first one of their three I've enjoyed all the way through.
20 Marbin-Israeli Jazz-High energy, extended soloing, what's not to like.
21 Vinnie Moore-Soul Shifter-Best guitar-oriented record maker - Tasteful with a touch of flash.
22 Kinetic Element-The Face Of Life-KE's best lineup yet, the title cut is a classic.
23 Steve Unruh-Precipice-The hardest working, most versatile man returns to true solo work.
24 Stratus Luna-Stratus Luna-South American prog jazz? Auto buy!
25 Iamthemorning-The Bell-Marjana and Gleb treat us with another winner.
26 The Neal Morse Band-The Great Adventure-Such a good record. Less repetition would skyrocket it to top 10.
27 Jordan Rudess-Wired For Madness-Avoids the solo record trap by diversity on each track.
28 Franck Carducci-The Answer-A bit behind his other records, but Franck is still rock and roll.
29 Eddie Mulder-Waves-Eddie combines tasteful playing with brilliant songwriting.
30 Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso-Transiberiana-Almost all new lineup from their heyday, but still great.
31 The Tea Club - If-When - "If I Mean When" is the song of the year.
32 David Pastorius - Radio Gold - Currently plaing with Pat Travers, David is a monster.
33 Valence - Cognitive Dissidents - A rare prog metal instrumental band that always interesting. Awesome record.
34 Tool - Fear Inoculum - The music takes few chances, but it's Tool so it's ranked high.
35 United Progressive Fraternity - Planetary Overload Part 1 - Fine collaboration with good people saying important things.
36 Farmhouse Odyssey - Fertile Ground - They had to cancel Progday but I am looking forward to seeing them live sometime.
37 Steve Hackett - At The Edge Of Light - Another year, another record from the Godfather.
38 Barock Project - Seven Seas - The band has it all, outstanding effort.
39 Gin Lady - Tall Sun Crooked Moon - More down home and mellow than their others, but still pleasing to the ear.
40 Bent Knee - You Know What They Mean - One of the best live bands out today, very demanding music that rewards the listener.
41 Goblin - The Devil Is Back - Claudio Simonetti keeps on ticking!
42 Introitus - Shadows - Everything Introitus does is high class and high quality.
43 Fernando Perdomo - Out To Sea 2 - Lots of short, fun tracks that make for great listening.
44 Quantum Fantay - Yemaya Orisha - Always solid, high energy space rock.
45 Dream Theater - Distance Over Time - I haven't gotten into them much in a long time, but there's more cohesiveness here.
46 Steve Katsikas - Hidden Village - Steve makes a great album from many varying parts.
47 Lonely Robot - Under Stars - John Mitchell out with another solid record.
48 Red Bazar - Things As They Appear - Another fine record, with help from the amazing Peter Jones.
49 Slug Comparison - When You Were Living Here - Ex-Fen leader Doug Harrison puts together a gripping record.
50 Consider The Source - You Are Literally A Metaphor - Monstrous live band.
51 Persephone's Dream Anomalous Propagation
52 The Flower Kings Waiting For Miracles
53 The Rick Ray Band Dark Matter Halo
54 Karfagen Echoes From Within Dragon Island
55 Kadavar For The Dead Travel Fast
56 Light Damage Numbers
57 The Gift Antenna
58 King Of Agogik After The Last Stroke
59 The Samurai Of Prog Toki No Kaze
60 Yuval Ron Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits A Drum
61 Moron Police A Boat On The Sea
62 Felix Martin Caracas
63 Magma Zess (Le Jour De Neant)
64 Bryan Beller Scenes From The Flood
65 Gong The Universe Also Collapses
66 Leah Ancient Winter
67 PENNA Soulmagnet
68 Big Big Train Grand Tour
69 KXM Circle Of Dolls
70 Strawberry Girls Tasmanian Glow
71 Bjorn Riis A Storm Is Coming
72 The Far Meadow Foreign Land
73 Moon Letters Until They Feel The Sun
74 Johnny Bob Fjodor & The Watergiant
75 Virgil Donati Ruination
76 Tom Slatter Demon
77 District 97 Screens
78 The Cyberiam The Butterfly Effect
79 Djam Karet A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof
80 Tanith In Another Time
81 Jon Anderson 1000 Hands- Chapter One
82 Avandra Descender
83 The Mercury Tree Spidermilk
84 Arch-Matheos Winter Ethereal
85 Anthony Phillips Strings Of Light
86 Eris Pluvia Tales From Another Time
87 Finisterre Finisterre XXV
88 Thirteen Of Everything Our Own Sad Fate
89 Kit Watkins Field Of View
90 Soen Lotus
91 Soniq Theater Brandenburg
92 The Kentish Spires Sprezzatura
93 Angel Witch Angel Of Light
94 Keaggy Levin Marotta The Bucket List
95 T Solipsystemology
96 Courtney Swain Between Blood And Ocean
97 A.C.T Rebirth
98 Antarticus Antarticus
99 Tillian Lotus Graveyard
100 Voyag3r War Mask